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I really have to thank my brother since he’s really been the following footsteps in my passion in computers, especially gaming and coding. Growing up around several games (mainly minecraft!) really just inspired me to think about how they work internally, this got me started in learning the visual basics. It was at this point, my brother had started doing his computing GCSE; he showed me the foundations of the language, showed me some good places to learn and sent me on my way! Eventually it got the point where the family computer couldn’t keep up with the games I was playing, and around the time of my 13th birthday, I bought the components for my first gaming / general use computer.

Within gaming, one of the key aspects that have kept me going throughout the last 5 – 6 years of online gaming is the fact that there is always a community attached to the game, and you can interact with people rather than being secluded in your room by yourself. With VOIP’s (Voice Over Internet Protocol) such as Skype it allows people to be able to communicate a lot better while playing games, which makes the experience even more fun in my opinion, I have been lucky enough to attend events in London and meet the people who I’ve just known as a voice on the other end of a Skype call. Coding ,however, is a totally different thing overall, it’s always challenging to start learning a new language but for me I find it easier to learn when looking at it logically rather than just as a bundle of code, and understand what it does what within a program, and once you’ve mastered that, it’s just learning the rest of what’s available. Coding gives you the ability to do whatever you want, in whatever way you want to be able to do it, it allows you to articulate things in ways you’d never think of in different subjects.

Will playing Starcraft

Will playing Starcraft

If you are learning coding for the first time I’m not going to lie, learning a new language is challenging, but there is always online tutorials that are available to help. As mentioned before one of the key fundamentals to understanding a language is to look at it logically, it will be much easier to understand what is happening and how to fix bugs / improve your code.

My brother had built his own computer and this inspired me to do the same thing; I was always slightly jealous of what he was able to do on his computer, playing the then latest high-spec games and that sort of got me wanting one for my upcoming 13th birthday. Another inspiration was watching YouTube videos from tech channels (such as LinusTechTips) who had built these seriously awesome gaming computers that were capable of anything, and thinking how cool it would be to own one for myself to use, code and play games on.

When building your own computer you need to get all the parts (such as the CPU, RAM, and Motherboard), these can be found online on places like Amazon, or special website designated to selling computer parts such as SCAN-UK. Once you have all your parts, you have to look at is as expensive Lego pieces, as there is specifics in how to mount things into places and attaching components into the case.

Cambridge is renowned as one of the main international cities leading the way with regards to technological advancements in terms of development I would like to see the development of cryogenics (essentially freezing people and bringing them back to life) as I believe this would be a huge step forwards, not only for the fields that it involves (Biology / Computing) but a huge leap for humanity as it can preserve some of the greatest minds that we have.

To keep up to date with technology I find Reddit is a great website to be able to keep up to date on the latest technology, as it has user submitted posts about research papers about new technologies and what they do, I use this regularly to be able to keep up in the latest ground breaking technologies that are being released.

In terms of gaming ambitions one of the main games I play is Starcraft 2, my ultimate achievement would be able to become a professional player and be able to play in tournaments all round the world, however this takes 10+ years of playing the game, but I think with my age, it could be achievable.

I like Cambridge because it offers a wide range of places to shop, as well as nice places to eat; it offers a really great day out for people of our ages, especially with all the clothes shops! As well as having plenty of shops, it also offers the Cambridge Coding Academy iDEA scheme. On Wednesday 2nd of December, 4 of my fellow computing students and I were invited to visit the Cambridge universities computing laboratories, where we first hand got to experience the programme, it’s key ambitions are to increase the digital skills amongst today’s youth (14 – 25 year olds) and to be able to seek out and inspire the next generation of digital entrepreneurs. It was created by HRH the Duke of York, who was present at the Cambridge laboratories and I was lucky enough to be able to discuss Computer science and the programme with, which isn’t the usual Wednesday morning! We started the programme and achieved the first badge on the way to completion.


Will with HRH Prince Andrew

My favourite free thing to do in Cambridge is play video games! Cambridge University students have created a group called CUDGS (Cambridge Union Digital Gamers Society) and they hold gaming events, whenever there is one on, you can guarantee I’ll be there!

A fun fact about me would be that I play the Tuba for Greneway and Meridian school orchestra, as well as Royston town band. I can type up to 128 Words per minutes! I am a twitch streamer, who plays StarCraft and casts tournaments for my viewers!

Eventually I would like to be able to attend Cambridge University, and do a PhD in computer studies, even if I am not able to study at Cambridge University, I am set on doing a PhD.

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