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Hi, my name is Milo. I am 12 years old and in my spare time I play a variety of different sports such as tennis, football and fencing.
I love tennis the most because it is fun and enjoyable and in Cambridge there are so many clubs and also many good quality free tennis courts dotted around Cambridge. I love living in Cambridge because it’s a city where everyone cycles; this means I can be really independent and go off on my bike to meet my friends. I also love renting a punt and going down the River Cam and I really enjoyed the Cambridge University Science Festival this year. My favourite place in Cambridge is the Fitzwilliam Museum because it has lots of interesting exhibitions.

My favourite free thing to do in Cambridge is being able to cycle to my friend’s house and go to the park to play a game of football, table tennis or play tennis.

My best memory of playing tennis was when I cycled to my weekly club to play an enjoyable game on the grass courts with my friend Dan; it was a beautiful, sunny day and my mum had given us some money for an ice cream .


My favourite park is Coleridge Park because the tennis courts are in really good condition and it is well looked after. They have just re-done a new playground which I play on before and after I have played with my friend.

Useful fact – on this tennis court, and I think most tennis courts in Cambridge, the limit to keep someone waiting is 45mins.
There are some downsides to playing tennis, it’s no good when it is windy or rainy and on sunny days the courts can be full.

This weekend I went to play on the free courts at Christ’s Pieces while my sister was doing ballet and all the courts were empty so this is one to remember if you don’t like shopping!

Once a fortnight my dad plays a game of tennis with me at Hills road tennis courts. As I am a member it is much cheaper and you can usually get a court at short notice.

My advice for for people who want to start tennis is either start off by hitting a ball against a wall or meet up with a friend and find one of the many free courts around. Jesus Green has 6 courts including 2 grass courts and every Saturday from 10am-11am they play host to the park tennis extravaganza – a weekly event that includes fun tennis games and music to keep you moving.


A fun fact about me would be that I have actually eaten from a smorgasbord on a recent trip to Norway; I also ate snails in Nante!
My ultimate ambition is to be a professional fencer

I hope you enjoy my passage about the many great tennis courts in Cambridge. I also hope you have also learnt something new!!!!!

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