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Hi, I’m Jack Beccegato, I come from Verona in Italy and have lived in UK for 9 years now and in Cambridge for the last 2, I’m one of the so called “Followers” as I’m following my partner’s career relocations a she works in the pharmaceutical R&D development. Basically I can work anywhere since my occupation is graphic designer and content producer for the corporate world, I’ve been always linked to the live events industry, and visual arts, for conferences, awards shows, product launches, and theatre. I’ve always been fascinated by light and my first experience was with the Laser light when I was 19, working on laser systems for theme parks attractions, spending long hours in dark rooms, using artificial fog, water walls and semi transparent screens as a medium for multicoloured laser beams.


I travelled from town to town in Italy (Milan, Bologna, Rome, Verona, Rimini, Garda) and then internationally (Slovenia, Ukraine, France, Santo Domingo, Shanghai, Singapore) to program laser systems producing shows and drawing with light). Lasers were able to project and be visible on big surfaces and able to cover large areas, so I started to play with big projections and as the technology was available I couldn’t wait to experiment with the new tools, anything from Kodak carousel multi visions, Pani projectors and more recently video projectors.

When I landed in UK 9 years ago I was fully into CG (computer graphics) for video and big screen presentations. I was also still collaborating with theatrical productions and always experimenting with new techniques and exploring image processing, but, I found the corporate world was absorbing all my time, leaving little or no space to the “inner digital contemplation”.

Cambridge relocation came as an unexpected surprise but, I immediately felt in love with this small but incredibly dense city. Obviously e-Luminate Foundation and the Festival was my first discovery while browsing my new surroundings; I’ve been lucky enough to become an active player in last year’s festival as project manager for the light hub in Parker’s Piece. I loved having the opportunity to admire the beautiful installations around the town, and it has been a privilege to closely follow Ross Ashton’s projection over Senate House, and getting in touch with all the sponsors and the great professionals behind this event. I would say the Senate House was my favourite illumination in last year’s e-Luminate Festival.


Is am honored to be able to exhibit a piece in this year festival, is the first time I’m ableto express myself in total freedom, and I have to admit, the challenge is huge, not only for the technical aspects of the performance, but also and more importantly the creative ones; trying to dig deep into your culture, experience and knowledge in the aim of distill the essence of your aesthetic preferences, cultural imprints and history and relate them to the world. For these reasons I chose the process to be collaborative and I coupled with Carlo Fiorini – a very good friend and colleague living in Bologna; we have been always connected and collaborated in several theatrical and museum projects, we have also invited a couple of artistic friends to contribute with their short piece sharing the same projection surface.

PONG (this is the name of the installation) is partly a generative projection and partly a projection mapping installation. We wanted to trace back our digital origins to the first computer game that in a way set the beginning of the digital age and projected our generation in it. Coding and graphics are the main elements, doubt and uncertainties are constant and are part of the process. We haven’t set any rule in the process creation of the piece, given that we have a limited number of days we can work on it, we simply set targets for each day and we have a wrap up conference call every evening to evaluate what to keep and adjust the new targets accordingly, so yes it’s a bit experimental! There is new code to learn, aesthetics to try and evaluate; we are doing our best to confront ourselves and our choices with the outside world, knowing that there are as many interpretations as living humans on earth we simply hope the public will receive it well. Probably the hardest aspect of exhibiting though are the logistics of it all and finding the time between family and work.

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For anyone who wants to learn more about the e-Luminate Festival there are always volunteering opportunities and I would recommend participating with all the festival organisation process as it is also a good occasion to meet other artists and discuss ideas .

When I have the rare opportunity I love sport and in particular mountaineering and climbing…ironically I ended up in Cambridge.

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