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In my spare time I like to go running through town and around greens. My favourite fun run is to go to Lammas Land by the River Cam because it is a good distance and I can have a break at the park there before returning home. I started to enjoy running when I was around 10 and I took part in the ‘race for life’ (5 kilometres) and with everyone cheering it was very encouraging. I love the feeling after a run as you feel so healthy.

Last summer I ran around all 32 colleges in Cambridge which was my longest run probably. I did this to raise money for my trip to Romania with the guides- it was a service project to work in a summer school there. There were around 200 kids at the summer school; I helped to teach them dance.


My Dad came up with the idea of fundraising by running and I thought it was great because it was something relatively easy to organize and free to do.We planned the route by looking on a map to decide what the most efficient way to do it would be as it would be pointless to keep backtracking my steps.

Before the run I was excited and a bit worried I wouldn’t be able to do it but when I got going I realised it would be fine!

I started the run in the early morning and finished just before lunch but I did have a short break to have an energy bar and a few jelly babies to boost me up a bit! My dad cycled next to me as I ran to guide me where to go and to take a photo of me in front of each college.

Afterwards I was so tired I just flopped onto the ground and my legs were quite tight but we went to Yippee Noodle for lunch so I quickly got my energy back! I would do the run again because it didn’t take too long but it would be quite nice to walk it as well as it would be more relaxing.

The best part about the run was that I saw all the beautiful colleges while discovering new parts of Cambridge. Though the last college I ran to was really far from the previous one so at the end I was pretty tired! Even though I see Kings College almost every day I still think it’s the most amazing one as its details are so intricate.

I didn’t do any extra training for it other than my once a week run so my legs were a bit sore afterwards – next time I do a long distance run I definitely would do more training. To anyone who wants to start running I would recommend doing a slow jog for half the way and walking half, then on the way back do the same – pushing yourself just makes it stressful and you want to keep it relaxing and enjoyable. Also it’s good to keep a steady slow pace, uneven speeds tire you out very quickly.

In the future I hope to run along a coast because it would be so beautiful.

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