Did you know that Cambridge has taught more Nobel Prize winners than any other university in the world? Eureka! And, with fab, free events like the Science Festival going on - it’s no wonder Stephen Hawing likes living here! Read on to see what our bloggers’ fave science activities are!


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I really have to thank my brother since he’s really been the following footsteps in my passion in computers, especially gaming and coding. Growing up around several games (mainly minecraft!) really just inspired me to think about how they work internally, this got me started in learning the visual basics. It was at this point, […]


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In addition to graphic design, technology and entrepreneurship, I am always keen to discover more and tackle new projects. Drawn to the renowned Cambridge Startup scene, I recently moved to Cambridge from New Zealand on a grand adventure. Inspired to learn fundamental programming skills to compliment my background in design and marketing, I attended Cambridge […]