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When my brother died I promised him 2 things ; that I would live a great life and that I would help others. This is why I have decided to embark upon a mammoth round the world cycle ride . On this Cycle the Globe challenge I will experience the heat of the deserts and the extreme winter of Europe, the rain of Asia, the mountains of Switzerland, the populated towns and cities of India to the remote landscapes of America. All funds raised will go to charities and communities of the countries that I am visiting; whether it’s education or clean water in Asia or putting a smile on the faces of severely ill children in the UK and America.

I’ve not ‘loved’ cycling for that long, in 2010, the year after Liam passed away – I decided along with a group of wonderful people to do a relay cycle of John O Groats to Lands End, after this I never really cared about stepping on a bike again. It was only till last year I caught the ‘bug’ – although I’ve wanted to cycle the world for a little while now! I think cycling is just a brilliant sport overall – It’s fun when you get into it; you go further than if you were to run but you experience more than if you were to jump in a car, it’s the best of both worlds (although a lot of effort!)

I am currently having to fit in a lot of training; it is going on across the region – almost always going via Cambridge. I always bike  to and from college from the station which in some ways is a little bit of training ! There are lots of downsides to cycling but the wind is the worst! Living in the Fens it’s a common feature on my cycle rides! Rain makes cycling fun, maybe I’m weird, but you forget about the effort and just have a bit of fun getting absolutely drenched !

I’ve got lots of amazing memories of cycling but biking through Downing Street and being greeted by the chancellor is perhaps the most surreal cycling experience, that will be in my memories for a long time!

Cambridge is an excellent city for cycling in. I couldn’t pick one favourite cycle route – there’s too many, I love just roaming around Cambridge when I’ve got an hour free and finding loads of cycle paths that I never knew existed! My family and friends have always been supportive, although at times slightly annoyed I can’t be a little bit more normal and decide to do something safer or less logistically challenging than this feat. One of my best friends, Vicky, is joining me out in Australia – from there I’m going to be joined by some of my closest family and friends in other countries – but I’m always looking for people to join me!


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For anyone who hasn’t tried it before cycling is one of those sports where its never to late to try, whether you’re in your 60’s or you’re 16, its definitely something you should try. If you want to take it up a notch, there are thousands of bike clubs around the country that are suited for all different capabilities, whether a leisurely stroll or you’re wanting to compete against the worlds best – have a look, theres certainly many in Cambridge and the surrounding areas! It’s hard to answer why I like Cambridge so much; there is not one thing that defines Cambridge’s brilliance, more a multitude of factors that concoct together creating a truly awesome place. Deep in history, wherever you turn there’s a story to be told, surrounded by beauty – whether the old colleges or the landscapes and cobbled streets that surround them (not forgetting the Botanical Gardens!) – and perhaps best of all, filled with a great bunch of people (on the whole!).

Cycling around the Globe is probably the hardest challenge I have done so far but whether it is my ultimate challenge you will all have to wait and see!
Would it surprise you if I said cycling is my favourite, free thing to do in Cambridge? Easy, cheap and fun. If I was asked a fun fact about myself ; Ooooh! Im not sure… This is a tough one; a weird fact about me is that I once got stuck in a ‘dog flap’ aged 8! (I was trying to show my dog how to use it!)

My personal ambition asides from crazy cycling challenges and fundraising would be to have a great life and to change the world! ( I know, poor answer, but a good ambition !)

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