Hello, my name is Callum and I’ve just turned 18. I live in Soham, Cambridgeshire and as of a few days ago I finished my A levels in Politics, History and Business. I started fundraising a few years ago when my brother, Liam, passed away from cancer aged 14; I was 12 at the time. Liam was a fundraising legend, raising £340,000 and a further £7million by heading a campaign. A couple of years back I set up The Liam Fairhurst Foundation - helping young people affected by cancer, disabilities and illnesses across the UK.


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When my brother died I promised him 2 things ; that I would live a great life and that I would help others. This is why I have decided to embark upon a mammoth round the world cycle ride . On this Cycle the Globe challenge I will experience the heat of the deserts and the extreme winter of […]